The Small Business Guide to Pax Credit Card Terminals: Reviews and Insider Info

The Small Business Guide to Pax Credit Card Terminals: Reviews and Insider Info

With so many customers choosing credit or debit cards as their preferred payment method, efficiently processed card transactions help to ensure that customers will return to the business. Finding a versatile, reliable card reader is key to smooth card transactions.

Enter PAX Technology, Inc., an electronic payment solutions provider with an impressive stable of reliable equipment. Learn about four popular PAX credit card terminals, and determine which one is best for your business’ needs.

PAX’s Role in the Electronic Payment Solutions Arena

If you’re shopping around for credit card equipment, it’s worth giving PAX Technology, Inc. some serious consideration. PAX provides payment solutions to retail stores, hospitality businesses, entertainment venues, convenience stores, and gas stations worldwide. As of this post, the company has distributed PAX terminals in more than 120 countries, and counts more than 40 million terminals in operation.

PAX’s Android-based Smart equipment contains intuitive interfaces to speed up transactions across all platforms. In addition, the Android operating system enables merchants to access a huge library of Android applications.

Well-regarded PAX technology support helps merchants to initiate their card reader startup or integrate the device with an existing Point of Sale (POS) system. Extended technical support hours enable broader coverage of merchants in varied time zones. Of course, all new PAX credit card terminals are covered by the PAX warranty.

PAX Terminals Apply the Latest Technology to Diverse Businesses’ Needs

Here’s a look at four of the most popular PAX terminals. Each device has a different suite of features to streamline your card processing operations. Check them out below and select the card reader that best meets your business’ needs.


Pax A80

Target Market

This Android-based card reader is ideal for retail, restaurant, hospitality, and transportation business environments. These PAX credit card terminals are designed to process payments quickly even during very hectic periods.

Why It Stands Out

This cost-effective countertop card reader runs on the well-established Android operating system. You can easily add Android-based applications that enhance the terminal’s capabilities. The device also has full connectivity so your transactions won’t get disconnected even during extremely busy periods.

The PAX A80’s 4-inch high-definition touchscreen display makes it easy to view customer transaction data. The PAX A80 seamlessly processes magnetic stripe, EMV, and contactless payments. The device’s speedy 3.5 in/sec printer quickly prints a record of each transaction.

Equipment Cost

$299 (standard terminal)


PAX S300  

Pax S300

Target Market

Multilane merchants, such as busy supermarkets and gas station operations, will appreciate this high-performance pin pad. This versatile device accepts multiple payment types while providing exceptionally high transaction-related security.

Why It Stands Out

The PAX S300 caters to the needs of multilane merchants who want fast, highly secure card processing. To facilitate these transactions, the PAX S300 accepts multiple payment methods. Examples include magnetic stripe, Chip and Pin, e-Signature, and contactless payment types.

To enable easy customer operation, the PAX S300 offers a generously sized color touch screen. A loudspeaker enables two-way communication that’s helpful for quickly resolving data entry questions. These two features are backed up with substantial memory reserves.

With both LAN and USB connectivity methods, the PAX S300 won’t drop transaction links at inopportune times. To safeguard customers’ personal information, the PAX S300 encrypts every transaction’s details.

Equipment Cost

$175 (approximate)

Industry Review

The PAX S300 combines several desirable features to create a powerful PIN pad that seamlessly facilitates customer transactions. This small-but-mighty PAX device is ideal for multilane merchants with substantial processing volumes.

First, reliable ethernet connectivity enables uninterrupted card processing operations. A roomy 3.5-inch color backlit touch screen readily accepts high-definition images, and has plenty of memory to maintain image quality. This multifunctional platform makes it easy for customers to enter their data and communicate with store personnel via a loudspeaker.

On the card processing side, the PAX S300 PIN pad accepts conventional magnetic stripe cards. This versatile PIN pad also recognizes EMV chip cards and contactless payments via a built-in reader.

The PAX S300 PIN pad conforms to all PCI data security standards. In addition, all transaction information is securely protected via recognized encryption methods.

PAX S80 

Pax S80

Target Market

This highly flexible countertop card reader will appeal to budget-minded merchants who want to accept conventional magnetic stripe cards. At the same time, store owners who want to accept contactless payments can do so with the optional contactless card reader.

Why It Stands Out

The PAX S80 flexible terminal can operate in two different modes. The device’s basic configuration enables merchants to accept conventional magnetic stripe cards and EMV payments. The optional contactless reader broadens the merchant’s payment options.  

As an added bonus, the PAX S80 includes a “store and forward” payment feature. This capability enables merchants to accept payments even when no authorization connections are available.

As an interim measure, the terminal stores the transaction data in the device’s internal memory. When a connection is available, the device forwards the data for authorization and processing.

Equipment Cost

$125 (approximate)

Industry Review

The PAX S80 is a no-frills card reader that still incorporates reliable PAX technology. A merchant can choose to solely accept traditional magnetic stripe cards and secure EMV payments. Or, they can add optional contactless payment capabilities to appeal to customers who prefer that mode of payment.

To facilitate fast, efficient transactions, the PAX S80 has dual connectivity options. Choose a serial port that links to an existing Point of Sale (POS) station, or connect the device via a USB port.

Terminal operation is simple with the device’s ample memory capacity, ATM-style interface, and integrated thermal receipt printer. In addition, these PAX credit card terminals enable merchants to process sale-related transactions such as voids and refunds.


E500 SmartPOS

E500 Smartpos

Target Market

The PAX E500 SmartPOS is a smaller-sized POS System that’s designed to take payments and handle inventory management and customer engagement functions. The PAX E500 will perform well in the retail environment. In addition, this versatile device meets the needs of hotels, coffee shops, and other hospitality-focused businesses.

Why It Stands Out

This all-in-one Point of Sale System helps to de-clutter your business’ countertop. With the processor, tablet, printer, and payment device in a single compact unit, even a small business space can benefit from this increased efficiency.

The PAX E500 accepts magnetic stripe, EMV, and contactless forms of payment. An integrated 3-inch high-speed thermal printer makes receipt printing a breeze.

Equipment Cost

$609 (approximate)

Industry Review

The PAX E500 is a compact, all-in-one POS System that should fit on any business’ countertop. The device features an 8-inch merchant-facing touch screen and a 3-inch customer-oriented screen. Two cameras enable the merchant and customer to scan items’ barcodes.

The PAX E500’s ability to accept traditional magnetic stripe, EMV, and contactless payments aligns it with 21st-century buying habits. The high-speed thermal printer enhances the system’s efficiency.

Optional 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth communications will provide further enhancements. Multiple peripheral ports enable additional connections.

With PAX credit card terminals’ widespread availability, obtaining the right equipment will be an easy task. With the latest technology at your fingertips, you’ll be well positioned to help your business grow.

Shopping around for credit card processing equipment and services?

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FAQs about PAX Technology

Q: What is PAX Technology, Inc?

PAX Technology, Inc. is an electronic payment solutions provider that supplies various businesses around the world with reliable credit card terminals. They currently have more than 40 million terminals in operation across over 120 countries.

Q: What industries do PAX credit card terminals serve?

PAX offers payment solutions to a diverse range of industries, including retail stores, hospitality businesses, entertainment venues, convenience stores, and petrol stations.

Q: What makes PAX’s Android-based Smart equipment stand out?

PAX’s Android-based Smart equipment is known for its intuitive interfaces that enhance transaction speed across all platforms. Thanks to the underlying Android operating system, merchants can access and install a vast array of Android applications on the device.

Q: How does PAX support merchants?

PAX provides technical support to help merchants initiate their card reader startup or integrate the device with an existing Point of Sale (POS) system. The coverage spans extended hours for wider support across various time zones. Also, every new PAX credit card terminal is backed by the PAX warranty.

Q: What are some of the popular PAX credit card terminals?

Some popular PAX terminals include the PAX A80, PAX S300, PAX S80, and the PAX E500 SmartPOS. Each of these devices comes with a different set of features that streamline card processing operations depending on the business’ needs.

Q: How much does a PAX credit card terminal cost?

The cost of PAX credit card terminals varies depending on the specific model. The PAX A80 costs around $299, while the PAX S300 comes at approximately $175. The PAX S80 and PAX E500 SmartPOS cost roughly $125 and $609, respectively.

Q: Which types of payments do PAX credit card terminals accept?

PAX credit card terminals can process various forms of payment, such as magnetic stripe, EMV, and even contactless payments using technologies like NFC.

Q: What makes PAX credit card terminals suitable for small businesses?

 PAX credit card terminals offer affordable and highly flexible payment options. They’re capable of handling traditional magnetic stripe cards and EMV payments, with the option to include contactless payments. Some devices even provide a ‘store and forward’ feature, allowing transactions to be accepted even when no authorization connections are available.

Q: How can I select the right PAX credit card terminal for my business needs?

 Choosing the right PAX terminal depends on your business needs and operations. Consider your customer traffic, types of payments you wish to accept, your budget, and other specific features that could enhance your operations.

Q: What additional services do merchants receive with PAX credit card terminals?

Besides robust card reading capabilities, the PAX card terminal allows sale-related transactions such as voiding and refunding. Furthermore, the devices use ample memory capacity, have an ATM-style interface, integrated thermal receipt printers, and optional communication enhancements such as 4G, WiFi, and Bluetooth.

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