Ingenico ICT 220 CL

Provide merchants with a compact payment device using minimum countertop space. Accept all electronic payment methods including EMV chip & PIN, magstripe and NFC/contactless.

Retail Price: $299
Wholesale Member Price: $249

Verifone VX520

The VX520 made by Verifone is a capable credit card terminal for small businesses. With a backlit screen and keypad, the VX520 can perform in all light situations.

Retail Price: $349
Wholesale Member Price: $299

Swipe Simple

Mobile EMV card reader. Works with the Swipe Simple App from Card Flight. Accept Payments Anywhere.

Price: $69

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Got my statement and just wanted to say thank you. The True Cost™ worked out to 2% in the end. Also got my last statement from Sage (formerly Heartland) and when I calculated all fees into processed sales, it was 5%… Thank you!!!

Kristie W Owner of Iwag, Georgia