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Payment Depot offers affordable pricing plans coupled with the full range of tools and software solutions you need to run your business successfully. Our membership-based plans are based on a wholesale subscription-based pricing model without any markups. You’ll pay a fixed monthly membership fee with no contracts and no hidden fees.

Our membership pricing saves you money by giving you access to wholesale rates. Unlike traditional payment processors, we don’t profit by marking up interchange rates and we don’t take a cut of your sales. You get direct access to interchange rates with no added percentage markup, which leads to lower overall costs. We work using a monthly membership model, so you only pay a small, predictable fee for payment processing.

The plan you opt for will depend on the scope of services you need and the volume of your transactions. You’ll soon see that you’re able to recover the cost of your membership plan from all the cost savings you get from our low processing fees and absence of markups.

Since we don’t take a percentage off of your transactions, you get to keep more of your revenue — while paying lower credit card fees overall. Payment Depot’s members save an average of $400 a month in payment processing fees and are far more profitable. Just pick a membership plan that’s right for you, and you’re good to go. 

Accepting credit cards in your business is a must, but as a merchant, it’s important to understand the fees that you’ll be charged for accepting credit cards. Understanding the consumer fees, too, ensures you can handle any questions and concerns they may have when using their credit card with you. Reviewing credit card processing from both the merchant and consumer perspective helps you to develop a well-rounded understanding of how credit cards work. This will help you avoid any confusion when reviewing your payment processing statements and assessing your personal finance.

If you’re looking for an easy, hassle-free way to accept credit card payments, look no further than Payment Depot. Our membership-based pricing with zero markups, no contracts, and no hidden fees helps small businesses like yours save more as you process more. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business grow.