Credit card processing for Healthcare


Cost-Efficient Credit Card Processing for Healthcare Businesses

The average overhead for medical practices can be significant, ranging from 60% to 70%. Coupled with lower insurance reimbursements, taxes, and healthcare regulations, it’s crucial for healthcare professionals to minimize their expenses wherever possible.

That’s why many doctors and dentists are turning to Payment Depot for their healthcare payment processing needs.

At Payment Depot, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. We ensure that you don’t pay more than necessary and are never hit with surprise fees. In fact, our members on average save a significant amount every month in payment processing costs.

Payment Depot’s merchant services can help you serve your patients better while keeping your expenses low. With our Interchange Plus pricing model, you’ll get access to transparent payment processing with zero set-up fee and no cancellation fee. This means that you can have peace of mind knowing that you won’t be hit with exorbitant fees for credit card processing.

In addition to the cost savings, we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service. We don’t outsource our customer support and Payment Depot merchants love the personalized assistance they receive from our knowledgeable team.

To start saving on your medical practice’s payment processing, reach out to the Payment Depot team today. We’re eager to discuss your specific needs and recommend solutions that can help you minimize costs while ensuring seamless payment transactions.


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