Credit card processing for Healthcare

Cost-Efficient Credit Card Processing for Healthcare Businesses

Healthcare businesses save $600+ a month with Payment Depot

The average medical practice overhead is between 60% to 70%. With those figures, combined with lower insurance reimbursements, taxes, and healthcare regulations, healthcare professionals need to do their best to lower expenses. 

And this is why so many doctors and dentists choose Payment Depot to handle their healthcare credit card processing needs. 

Unlike traditional payment processors, which add markups and fees on top of credit card interchange rates, Payment Depot simply charges you a monthly membership fee, and you get access to interchange rates (i.e., wholesale credit card processing costs) without any added fees.

You keep more of your revenues, so you can invest more in providing quality care to your patients. 

There’s no reason for medical and dental practices to pay more than necessary for credit card processing. Payment Depot’s membership model is proven to work, with our members in the healthcare sector saving as much as $600 in payment processing fees.

Contact the Payment Depot team today! We’d love to discuss your medical practice’s payment processing needs and recommend solutions to help you save. 

Pricing Plans

Depending on your medical practice’s credit card processing volume and needs, you’ll likely get the most out of our “Executive” and “Premier” plans.

Most Popular
  • +  $0.10 per transaction
  • +  interchange

Most Popular

Process up to $75,000/mo

Free Basic Terminal

  • +  $0.07 per transaction
  • +  interchange


Process up to $150,000/mo

Free Smart Terminal or Free Premium Gateway

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