Merchant Services for Small Businesses

Merchant Services for Small Businesses

In recent times, many small businesses have been hit hard by years of economic turbulence and uncertainty. Because of these problems, Payment Depot understands that every dollar saved is important in making sure that as many small businesses survive as is possible in a difficult economic environment. Hidden taxes and fees are something that create an enormous sense of frustration amongst those who see a large portion of their small business earnings disappear each time they complete a credit card transaction.

The same frustrations that cause sleepless nights for the owners of small businesses led to the formation of Payment Depot, which was created in a bid to reduce the red tape and hidden fees that saw merchants lose a large chunk of each transaction to hidden fees. With Payment Depot, a small membership fee is all that each small business vendor pays each month to keep their Mastercard, Visa and American Express transactions legal and working within the rules of merchant processing services. The low membership fee paid by the small business offers significant savings for the business owner over paying hidden transaction fees each time a credit card payment is processed. In fact, with Payment Depot, it’s not uncommon to see monthly savings of up to 40% on credit card processing statements when compared to traditional credit card processing merchant services. Month after month, those numbers add up to major league savings every year!

With a Payment Depot subscription, small businesses can process their customers’ credit cards for rates as low as 10 cents per transaction, compared to the percentage-based rates of 2% or more charged by our competitors. Other than the True Cost charged by the credit card companies, this means processing with Payment Depot is just one low, flat subscription fee plus one low, flat processing fee. No hidden fees, no extra markup, and no cancellation fee if you ever decide to change plans or more to another processor.

Small businesses require flexibility to become a success and operate on a successful level within whichever area of business they operate. Having to change equipment when switching to a new merchant services operator is not something most small business owners can afford to do, and as we all know the free equipment offered by many companies is not truly “free” and is paid for within the high monthly fees they charge. Payment Depot offers members the chance to have their own equipment reprogrammed, or to purchase new equipment for credit card processing that they will then own with no monthly fees. The potential for 40% monthly savings offered by Payment Depot allows small businesses to grow and their owners to live out their dream of running their own company in even the most difficult of economic times.

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