Merchant Services Tips for a Family-Owned Business

Merchant Services Tips for a Family-Owned Business

The small family owned business has been the backbone of the American economy for centuries, and even though times are tough for many, we at Payment Depot still have faith in the little guy’s ability to be a nimble, intelliget businessperson capable of turning a fantastic profit. That’s why when we created Payment Depot, we decided that it would operate on a fundamentally different financial basis than other merchant credit card processing companies. To enjoy our discount processing rates, users of Payment Depot pay a fixed monthly membership fee plus a small flat fee for each transaction, rather than the percentage-based fees charged by our competitors. Beyond that, it’s just the True Cost charged by the credit card companies themselves.

Our starter plan costs $20 per month and offers unlimited transactions at only twenty-five cents each. The mid-level plan, which is our most popular plan, costs just $40 per month and allows unlimited transactions at an even lower price of fifteen cents each. The enterprise plan, which has our lowest overall rates, costs $60 per month and offers unlimited transactions at an ultra-cheap price of ten cents each

At Payment Depot, the monthly membership charge includes everything. There are no extra account fees like those charged by most merchant services. Payment Depot does not charge a fee for monthly statements, and there are no account fees, service fees or other miscellaneous fees to create any nasty surprises down the line. The PCI fee, which is a mandatory certificate to accept credit cards, is also included in our memberships. Ordinarily, the PCI certificate costs an extra $100 or more.

If you have credit card processing equipment, Payment Depot will re-program your existing terminal free of charge. If you want a new terminal, the equipment starts at just $49. Better still, membership in Payment Depot is month-to-month and does not require a contract. There is no cancellation fee, and the membership can be canceled at any time. Joining is also easy and quick.

There are three equipment options for processing your transactions. You can re-program an existing terminal. If you have internet-based POS equipment, you can use the Payment Depot virtual terminal software to process your transactions on your computer. Or, you can purchase new terminal equipment at moderate cost. Everything is straight-forward. Since the equipment and software belongs to you, there are no returns and nothing binds you to Payment Depot.

When it comes to merchant services for family-owned businesses, Payment Depot is the logical choice thanks to our discount prices, reliable client service, and no-contract flexibility. We operate through First Data, which provides gateway support and processing. Merchant charges are transparent and simplified. You pay no unexpected fees beyond the monthly membership fee and a small transaction charge plus True Cost. All the evidence points to huge monthly savings on the cost of your credit card transactions over more conventional processing companies.

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