What is Level 2 Credit Card Processing?

Since we pass through the direct rates from the card brands to our members, it is in our best interest and yours to get the lowest possible rates.  If you are a B2B merchant or you accept a lot of corporate and purchasing cards you should be entering level II data when you key enter transactions.  Since the Interchange rates are determined by the level of cash rewards attached to the card as well as the risk, entering more information about the transaction can actually get you a lower rate.  If you are using one of our gateways you will want to make sure to enter:

Order ID

Order Description

PO Number

Shipping – If there is no shipping cost $0.00 is acceptable

Tax – If you are tax exempt, enter $0.00 and check the Tax exempt box

This information along with the usual address and CVV information can lower your rate by almost 0.5% on some cards.

Level II only applies to Corporate and Purchasing cards, but if you can get into the habit of entering this information on every order, you will have the best chance at receiving the lowest possible rates on your key entered transactions.

Call one of our experts today if you have any questions about your B2B processing.