An Honest Look at What People are Saying About Payment Depot

Why do Payment Depot’s reviews matter?

Our members mean everything to us., so we love to read their reviews. Members are the lifeblood of our company, so good or bad, we want to hear what members’ are saying.

Our goal is to provide the best service in the industry, so we chose Trust Pilot to collect and manage our reviews.  With Trust Pilot, we can’t hide behind hand selected 5 star reviews.   All reviews, good or bad, are posted immediately for the world to see.

We read and discuss every new review so that we can correct any problems, or high five each other for a job well done.  The few bad reviews that we get allow us to make changes or address problems in our process or marketing.  Today as we received our 100th review it seemed like a good day to review the results.

What are the reviews saying?Trust Pilot

We now have 103 Reviews

5 Star – 85

4 Star – 6

3 Star – 8

2 Star – 3

1 Star – 1


The Good

91 of the reviews are what we would consider “good”.  We are proud Payment Depot’s reviews and it shows that our members are happy.  Our members are saving money on their credit card processing and they’re happy with our customer service.  Speaking to an actual person and having their problems solved quickly top the list of compliments.  We want to have the cheapest credit card processing AND the best customer service for small businesses.

The Bad

12 Reviews are what we consider “bad” (3 Stars or less).  We had to look very closely at what they were saying so that we could correct the problems.  After reviewing the cases, we respond to the bad reviews publicly as well as privately.  Hopefully our public response will answer a question that someone else might have while they are reading the reviews.  We also reach out privately to make sure that our member is taken care of and their privacy is maintained.

Reviews Lead to Better Customer Service

The best thing about the feedback that we have received is that we had the chance to speak to each of the negative reviewers and offer solutions to address their problems.  Hearing about the things we are doing right is great, but I also want to look at our failures.  After reviewing the cases, we deserved some of the negative reviews.  Our members were right, we let them down, and I’m glad they pointed it out to us.

We are thankful that after talking to the negative reviewers and addressing our faults we were able to make things right. In fact, the majority of the members who gave us “bad” reviews are still with us today.   Even though we received a negative review from a member, it allowed us to improve our process and communication.

If we want to take credit for the good things, we also have to accept our failures. When an unhappy member becomes a happy member, we are doing things right.

You can check out all of the Payment Depot reviews (Good and Bad) here-