Credit Card Processing for Coffee Shops

Credit Card Processing for Coffee Shops

You’ve opened your own specialty coffee shop and you’ve done everything right; landed the best location in town between the college and the office blocks. Your rent eats up no more than 25% of your profits and you’ve got it paid within the first four days of each month. You’ve budgeted everything correctly, profitably, and most importantly- fairly. You’ve been up and running for a year or two but something isn’t adding up. Turns out that your profits have been seeping away through a mysterious crack that has been intentionally hidden from you by your credit card processing service provider.

Chances are your credit card processing company is charging you extra fees lumped secretly into their service package. This kind of business practice can be the downfall of any small company working with narrow profit margins. And for businesses with high traffic and small transactions, ($2.50 to $3.50 at 50-100 transactions a day), your days are spent watching your livelihood walk right out the door.

Payment Depot is the new bargain priced credit card processor that believes small businesses deserve a fair shot. We charge no monthly minimum, no statement fee, no PCI fee, no IRS fee, no non-qualified surcharge and no percentage-based processor markup. There are no contracts, cancellation fees or any other hidden fees.

We understand businesses like yours have to be nimble. That’s why we have no contracts and no cancellation fee. You can cancel anytime with no penalty, or change from one of our plans to another at any time.

Getting started is easy; signing up takes only ten minutes online, and we are currently offering a free month long trial because we’re so confident in our plans. Payment Depot will even reprogram your equipment at no charge, or replace yours at cost. You can use our free payment gateway/virtual terminal, integrate your existing account with our service or we can set up a new account for you.

Payment Depot’s transparency policy is unique, so unique in fact that we understand if you find it difficult to believe. That’s why we decided to offer the first month free. Most companies find the trial period covers the subscription cost, and with unlimited processing, high traffic businesses it almost certainly will.

We offer customizable plans to meet your changing needs. Most accounts are approved within 24 hours and payments taken during normal business hours will usually be available the next day. Once you’re approved, a representative will contact you to discuss your options.
Support is available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

At Payment Depot, transparency is our mission statement. Our service gives you access to pricing that until now has been reserved for large-sized bulk sellers. We believe that small businesses like yours deserve the same courtesy and service that you provide to your own patrons. We are dedicated to providing you excellent value and 100% predictable costs, with no hidden or unexpected charges. Not ever. That’s the kind of certainty you can brew some coffee to!

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