Looking for the Best Payment Processor for Freelancers?

Looking for the Best Payment Processor for Freelancers?

Freelancing is a great way to make some extra money on the side, or it can even be a great way to make a living as your own boss. However, if you are a freelancer you may come into some problems with getting payment for your work. People are using cash less and less these days and if the work you are doing comes with a larger bill, the chances of your customer wanting to handle that much cash will decrease. The use of checks is also declining, and you can’t be sure that the check will not go through – potentially sticking you with some hefty fees on top of losing the time you spent doing the work and the money that you were counting on in return for your services. It all comes down to your needing to be capable of accepting credit card payments quickly and easily.

If you want to process your customers’ payments without incurring the heavy markups charged by most banking companies, you should sign up to use Payment Depot for your credit card processing. You may have heard horror stories or found information that shows high fees for using a service to process electronic payments. Payment Depot strives to be more affordable so that you can keep more of your profits in your own wallet. Other companies charge you for the actual cost of the processing service (known as “True Cost”). Then, they charge for transactions as well as a processor rate, statement fee, PCI Fee and an IRS Fee… And that is just the beginning, as there can be even more charges for services that you may never even have thought of. All of these fees sound small when you break them down, but when you add them up each month, they can easily burn up a significant percentage of your earnings.

Payment Depot has low processing rates, no hidden fees, and – best of all – offers a few different plans that make it easy to choose the one that is right for your unique business . You may choose a smaller subscription plan that costs $199 a year because you do a small amount of business and the breakdown per transaction does not eat away at all of your profits. This may run you merely twenty-five cents per transaction (plus the True Cost charged by VISA, Mastercard, etc.) and allow you all the billing services that you need. Two more plans offer more rates, some as low as 10 cents per transaction! As there are no contracts, you may change plans as you wish without incurring hefty fees for doing so.

Other concerns may involve the cost of the equipment, but it is minimal and keeps other costs down. Funds transferred to your account are usually deposited and available by the next business day. With such reasonable rates and conditions, you can call for more information or begin a free 30 day trial right away to see what plan works best for your freelance business. Remember, you want to enjoy all the profits for your hard work and be paid in a timely manner – and Payment Depot is the perfect platform to let you do that!

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