How to Save on Credit Card Processing With Payment Depot

The credit card processing industry isn’t exactly transparent.
Below, we uncover how the industry works and what Payment Depot is doing to save you money.

Credit Card Processing - How It Works
Payment Depot Does Not Mark Up Rates

How Do Credit Card Processors make money

Payment processors make money by marking up the fees charged by credit card networks like Visa and Mastercard. 

Think of it this way: the fees of Visa and Mastercard are the wholesale costs of payment processing. Your credit card processor then adds their fees on top of those wholesale rates to make a profit.

The More Other Companies Process, The More You Get Charged

The more you process…
the more THEY make.

With traditional credit card processing, the payment processor takes a cut out of every transaction, so the more sales you process, the more they profit. 

That’s good news for credit card processors, but for merchants like yourself, this model means higher credit card volumes lead to higher fees.

Payment Depot Does Not Mark Up Rates
Credit Card Processing Chart

Payment Depot doesn’t mark up rates! So we don’t profit from rates.

Payment Depot saves you money by giving you access to wholesale rates. Unlike traditional payment processors, we don’t profit by marking up interchange rates and we don’t take a cut of your sales. 

You get direct access to interchange rates with no added percentage markup, which leads to lower overall costs. We work using a monthly membership model, so you only pay a small, predictable fee for payment processing.

Amount Processed:

$0 $20,000

Payment Depot Passes The Wholesale Rates Directly To You

With Payment Depot, the more you process…
the more YOU keep!

Since we don’t take a percentage off of your transactions, you get to keep more of your revenues — while paying lower credit card fees overall.

Payment Depot’s members save an average of $400 a month in payment processing fees and are far more profitable. Just pick a membership plan that’s right for you, and you’re good to go. 

Ready to join the club?

Just Pay A Small Membership Fee And Save On Credit Card Processing

How do we do it?

Payment Depot charges a small membership fee based on your needs. That’s how we earn revenue and how you save money.

In the same way that Costco sells products at wholesale prices, We offer wholesale credit card processing fees and pass along the savings to merchants.

At Payment Depot we do more than just save you money.

Payment Depot’s customers aren’t just more profitable – they’re a lot happier and you don’t have to take our word for it. Read our reviews!

Our members also have access to next day deposits, rate protection, plus chargeback and risk monitoring. 

No surprises. No hidden costs. No cancellation fees. Ever.

  • Low Transaction Fees
  • No Hidden Fees
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • Unique Solutions
  • Versatile Subscription
  • Live Customer Service
  • Amazing Savings
  • Highly Rated

Meet our Payment Depot member family

We love their transparency.

One annual membership [has] no hidden fees! You won’t find lower rates ANYWHERE. Thanks Payment Depot!

— Todd and Carla Sitte, Owners Britt’s Cafe, Inc.
Trustpilot Reviews

If you are considering a move to Payment Depot – Congratulations!

We have been with Payment Depot for 5 years now and have been thrilled with their Customer Care. Each person I have worked with is amazingly helpful and makes every effort to make our work experience better. Aside from saving us tons of money – they are just plain good people!

— Maryanne, The Cozy Inn

Payment Depot makes doing business easy and stress free.

This is the first credit card processing company that has been honest, transparent in all its business dealings and more important than that, humane during a time of distress, like this covid 19 crisis. All their sales people, their customer service people are polite and respectful.

— Cindy H

If you are considering a change – do it.

You will save a TON of money, if you are with one of the run of the mill processing companies – and in my 23 years as a financial officer, they have all been run of the mill, until Payment Depot.

— Rosemary Rheeling
Merchant Mavericks Placeholder

They helped save my company so much money.

“I’ve been a customer for about 2 years and Payment Depot was a great decision as it has saved me tens of thousands of dollars in merchant service fees over that time.”

— Martin Donohoe

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