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Why Payment Depot?

Who We Are

We’re a team of entrepreneurs and payment experts who genuinely want to help small and medium business access the best credit card processing rates.

Why We're Here

It bothers us that SMBs are subjected to unfair rates and confusing terms. We’re here to make credit card processing, clear, simple, and fair.

What We Do

We simply bill a membership fee and then give you access to wholesale rates with no added costs — just a lot of savings on your end.

What We DON'T Do

We don’t take a cut out of your sales and we don’t markup credit card processing rates. Also, we won’t take your money if we’re not a good fit for your business.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Use state-of-the-art technology for POS systems, mobile payments, and wireless programs.

Dedicated Account Manager

You get your own dedicated account manager in addition to 24/7 support.

Insights to Grow Your Business

Transform your payments data into valuable insights about your customers and sales

Recognized and Trusted By

Solutions for Every Type of Business


From POS systems to gift and loyalty cards for your customers, we provide the services you need to keep business running smooth.


Payment Depot’s B2B program was carefully tailored and designed to ensure proper card qualification, and a great image for all card businesses.


Accepting credit cards online dramatically increases sales and allows your business to compete in the growing digital marketplace.


From fine dining to fast food, our industry leading restaurant solution provides high speed processing, to keep up with any restaurant environment.


Along with an efficient processing system, Payment Depot provides a rate guarantee since we know how each and every penny counts.

Tradeshow Events

Taking payments at a trade show can be a challenge, unless you’re working with Payment Depot’s state of the art wireless solutions.

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