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Share us with your friends and you’ll both receive 20% off any membership when they join Payment Depot

1 Referral

20% off your membership

5 Referrals

1 year free membership

10 Referrals

Free iPad Air 2

Terms and Conditions

How do I refer a friend?

Visit and fill out the form to share with friends via email. You can also click the buttons next to Email to share on Facebook or Twitter.

How many times can I refer?

There is no limit on referrals, you can share with as many friends as you want!

When do I receive my referral reward?

When your friend is an active member of Payment Depot, and has had an active account for longer than our 90 day trial period.

What is NOT considered to be a valid referral?

  • When you refer someone who signs up for a Monthly Membership.
  • When you refer additional locations for the same business.
  • When you refer someone who cancels their membership before 90 days.
  • Any referral prior to the start date of this program, October 1, 2016.
  • Payment Depot reserves the right to refuse any referral do to suspected fraudulent activity.

How does it work if I refer more than one person?

For the first referral, you will receive 20% OFF your membership fee. Every referral thereafter will count towards the rewards set in place; (5) Free Membership for one year, (10) Free iPad Air 2.

*Referral rewards only valid for Annual Memberships

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