Payment Depot, LLC guarantees the satisfaction of our services and support. With a Payment Depot Membership your business will get direct rates from all card brands, thus providing unmatched savings. If you’re not satisfied , simply call us toll-free at (888)297-8658 during our normal business hours Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm PST.


Full Refund:
Merchant may close their account and receive a 100% refund of their Annual Membership Fee if Payment Depot receives the request to close their account within 90 days from the day the account was approved.

Partial Refund:
Payment Depot Membership packages are available on an Annual or Monthly Fee basis. If a Merchant closes their account after the time frame listed above, Merchant will receive a refund of their Annual Membership at the prorated Monthly price.



The cost of interchange charged by Visa and MasterCard, and any transactional fees incurred while processing with Payment Depot, are non-refundable.