Why We’re Happy This Payment Depot Member Cancelled

Why We’re Happy This Payment Depot Member Cancelled

At Payment Depot, our number one  goal is to make sure our members are completely taken care of and satisfied. Usually, this means providing the lowest wholesale credit card processing rates or offering flexible membership packages with 100% satisfaction guarantees, but sometimes Payment Depot is not the best choice for every single merchant in America.

We understand this and are ok with it. That’s why we have the 90 Day Money Back guarantee and why Payment Depot sales staff tells potential members when we are not going to be the best price for them.

Below is a note we received from one of our members, who decided to cancel:


It was a pleasure talking with you – your friendly honest manner was much appreciated. 

I think I will need to go back to Square for now, however it is a decision made with regret. 

Please close my account and refund fees. I understand the fees remaining are prorated.

Our Payment Depot team is always honest and friendly to all of our members, even when they decide to cancel because we understand that we’re not best for everyone (usually merchants processing less that $10,000/mo). We create the best membership we can and treat every member exactly how we would like to be treated.

This is why we’re OK with this member cancelling. Payment Depot was founded on the idea that there had to be a better way to do credit card processing and a part of this better way is to recognize what’s best for our members.

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