Welcome Back Returning Customers

Welcome Back Returning Customers

When we created Payment Depot one of our first decisions was to have no cancellation fees for our members.  If someone is unhappy for any reason they should be able to cancel their account and find another merchant processor.  That means that we have to be transparent with our pricing and always provide the best service in the industry.  Our 90 day money back guarantee on the annual membership reinforces our commitment to providing the best service at the lowest price.

Occasionally we have members who end up cancelling.  We may not save someone as much money as they expected or we drop the ball with our service.  These situations are rare, but when they happen we happily refund the merchant and apologize for our missteps.

The most common reason for a member to cancel their membership is when they are lied to by a salesman from another merchant processor.  Payment Depot is Interchange + 0%, a small transaction fee and a membership fee.  It is very rare for our pricing to be beat, and in the rare instance where it is, we will be the first to tell you to take the deal.  Unfortunately sometimes a member will just cancel and switch without talking to us only to find that they ended up paying more with their new processor.

We received the following email from a member this week who switched and realized that we were offering the best deal and ultimately decided to come back-

Okay, it’s my turn to “eat crow”.

I would like to come back.

I have gone through the process of trying other processors.

And I found out ALL processors charge a higher rate for the “Winter months” (lower income).

I found all of this information through “CardFellow”.

I am so glad you feel strong enough to publish your transparency.

Will you take us back please?

Thank you ever so much 


Lake Geneva, WI XXXXX 

We are thrilled to have a valued member back with us!  Our model is incredibly simple and we’re not trying to hide anything.  All of the fees that come from the card brands are passed through and we simply charge a membership fee and a per transaction.  If someone beats us, then you should take the deal!  In most cases we will have the best possible prices that you will ever see and also have the best service in the industry.  Payment Depot is the last merchant account that you will ever have to shop for.  Call us today for more information.

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