Use Augmented Reality to Improve Your Small Business

Use Augmented Reality to Improve Your Small Business

Many analysts believe that augmented reality will soon become an integral part of the customer experience for many businesses. But what exactly is augmented reality? Augmented reality (AR) is a relatively new, yet highly integrated technology that has the ability to add digital information to things in reality. For example: an augmented reality app in a computer has the ability to allow a user to view a movie trailer by simply pointing the computer camera at a movie poster. AR is currently being implemented through apps into smart phones and tablets.

The types of information that can be added to objects in reality is virtually endless. As a matter of fact, apps are currently being developed that will allow the business owner to determine the type of information that serves to augment his or her products and services.

So, how can you use augmented reality for your business? AR can be used in many ways. The first is informational. By giving potential consumers the ability to find out information about your products and services simply by pointing a camera at your ad, you ingratiate yourself to your target audience immediately upon your first impression. More information gives the impression that you have more to offer. Your target audience will be more likely to give you a chance.

New information can also be used to inform your current customers of new sales that you have going. If you get your audience hooked on your AR updates through social media like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, then you have an entirely new medium for advertising without any competition. You can change the impression of your advertisement to resemble a sort of “sponsored entertainment.” Your target market will look forward to your ads rather than trying to avoid them.

There is also an option for AR games. That’s right: you can actually create an entire video game based around your product or service and have it pop up when your target market points at your ad. However, the most practical application for AR is the ability to use it as a real world control. For instance, there is a heat pump company that has an AR application that allows people who have purchased the pump to control it straight from the AR app.

The new AR technology has only touched the tip of its potential. One thing is for certain, however: business owners that do not take to this technology seriously will be left behind very quickly. There are innovations that have yet to be created that will certainly provide businesses with new opportunities for advertising and consumer engagement.

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