This Payment Depot Merchant’s All-In Cost is Under 1.5%

This Payment Depot Merchant’s All-In Cost is Under 1.5%

The only rate percentage you need to worry about when you’re looking into credit card processing or checking your own processing statement is the All-In cost. Why? Because the All-In cost takes into account the total dollar amount you charged on credit cards that month versus how much you actually paid to your processor. It’s so important because it shows you, at the end of the day, All-In, how your rate actually stacks up against all of your processing costs.

Finding Your All-In Cost

You can figure out your all in cost with any credit card processing statement to figure out how much you’re actually paying and what your All-In cost actually is. Do this by dividing the amount you paid to your processing company by the total amount of your credit card sales.

Amounts you paid to processor (fees charged)/Total amount from credit card sales (amount submitted) = All-In Cost (make sure to move the decimal two places to the right)

Knowing your All-In cost is paramount because it helps you to discern if you actually have a good deal. Most merchants know how frustrating shopping around for credit card processing is because it seems that the sales person says one thing, but then your statement says another. For example, say you were advertised a credit card rate of 0.5%, which seems like a really great deal, but once you get your statement, because of hidden fees, stipulations, fine print, etc. you end up paying a lot more than 0.5%. In this scenario, you may have gotten the 0.5% rate, but you also ended up paying a lot more costs which makes your great deal a lot less great. This is the exact reason you shouldn’t shop for rates, instead you should shop for All-In cost.

A Real Payment Depot Member Statement

The below statement comes from a new Payment Depot member who could not believe we could get his All-In cost lower than his already low All-In of 2%.  He gave Payment Depot a chance by getting a statement comparison to see how our costs compared. The reason we could lower his All-In cost is because we do not have any hidden fees and because we only charge the actual, wholesale rates directly from the credit card brands. We never profit off of rates.

By joining Payment Depot, this merchant now has an All-In cost of 1.3%, which is saving him $400/month!

Screenshot 2015-10-28 At 8.02.48 Pm

Don’t just take my word for it, do the equation yourself too.

$751.27/$57,161.23 = 0.013 (move decimal two places to the right) = 1.3%


Make sure you always know your All-In cost for credit card processing. It is so easy to get sucked in by seemingly low rates, but if those savings and low rates aren’t reflected in your processing statement, you need to find something better. So, make sure you know your All-in cost on your current statement and when you shop around.

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