The Payment Depot Merchant Index: Get Your Name Out There and Support Local Businesses

The Payment Depot Merchant Index: Get Your Name Out There and Support Local Businesses

To say that COVID-19 has disrupted the business world would be a massive understatement. Plenty of small businesses have had no choice but to close their physical locations, and we know that this has caused tremendous stress on merchants. 

We want to find a way to help. 

The Payment Depot family consists of over 10,000 members across every industry and every state, and we believe our network of businesses can help each other.

Introducing the Payment Depot Merchant Index

To that end, we’ve started a voluntary directory of our members. It’s a public index where merchants can list their business details, along with information on how to purchase their products and services. 

We are distributing this directory amongst our members and the public to show the businesses that are currently open. 

Check out the index here. You may find that there is a product or service that you need or a nearby restaurant that you can support. 

If you’re a Payment Depot merchant who’s currently doing business, get in touch with us to get listed in the directory. 

There are over 200 businesses currently listed, and the site is updated daily, so keep checking!

Use Payment Depot’s Directory to Support SMBs In Your Area

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If you’re a shopper who’s looking to support small businesses, Payment Depot’s Merchant Index is a great place to start. Have a look to discover businesses in your area, and if there’s a product or service you can use, you’ll find the company’s contact info in the spreadsheet.

Final Words

We want to acknowledge how trying these times are and to our merchants, and we want you to know that we’re pulling for you. If you’re an existing Payment Depot member, know that you can always reach out for assistance — we’ll do our best to help you.

And if you’re a small business who’s struggling financially and you’re looking to lower your expenses, get in touch with us. We can provide you with a free and unbiased analysis of your credit card processing costs and provide advice on how you can lower your fees. 

We mean it when we say we’re the good guys and gals for credit card processing. We truly want the best for merchants — regardless of whether you choose to do business with us. 

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