Swipely: Giving Restaurant Owners Actionable Data to Grow

Swipely: Giving Restaurant Owners Actionable Data to Grow

The Payment Depot team is excited to announce our newest partnership with Swipely, a company giving restaurant owners data that helps them better understand their customers, staff, and products, which results in revenue growth. Swipely has been ranked by Forbes as one of the fastest growing companies in the United States and now Payment Depot is their west coast representative.

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Swipely’s cloud based software works with point of sale systems and terminals to aggregate data in one, easy to use place. Merchants don’t need any extra hardware, instead they login on Swipely’s website and are taken to their personal data dashboard.

Within their personalized dashboard, merchants are given insights into their business. Everything from staff member performance to the effects of social marketing campaigns, the extensive data is accessible from any internet enabled device. This time saving application empowers business owners to make more informed, data-driven decisions based on their store’s performance.

Quick Look at More Insights from Swipely


  • Visualize trends in sales over time
  • Customize your view to track sales growth
  • Track results in real time with dynamic reports
  • View sales compared to previous periods


  • Track the return on your marketing efforts
  • Connect online marketing to offline spending
  • See your cost to acquire a repeat customer
  • Watch sales grown even after campaigns end

Menu Intelligence

  • Spot the most profitable items on your menu
  • Know which dishes bring customers back
  • Track food costs against profitability
  • Integrates seamlessly with you POS

Whether merchants own a chain of stores or just have one location, the insights Swipely is providing will help any business grow. Owners have specific data that will inform their decisions to make the business run more efficiently and more profitably.

Are you a restaurant owner interested in Swipely? Get more information by getting in contact with our representative, Nick. Email [email protected]

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