Social Media Musts: 3 Time Saving Ways to Ensure a Great Social Presence for Your Business

Social Media Musts: 3 Time Saving Ways to Ensure a Great Social Presence for Your Business

As a business owner today, many customers will expect your business to have some sort of presence on social media, which can be frustrating because it can feel like just another thing to think about. Although it can feel like a burden, social media has a lot of benefits. From increasing brand awareness to a platform from which to share promotions, or a way to participate in industry conversations, social media has potential to help your business grow.

While it may be appealing to put social media on the back burner, following these three Musts will keep your business relevant without costing too much of your time.

Social Media Must: Visual Content

Whether it’s a picture, video, chart, etc. you can make the most of your posts by keeping them visual. Your followers’ feeds are full of content posted by their friends, other businesses they follow, and your business.

Since there is so much content out there, it is your job to make sure the content you post is visual so it catches the eye of your followers and makes them think about your business.

Social Media Icons

Social Media Must: Being Selective 

Posting too often can really hurt your brand. Your followers have chosen to follow your content, but they can just as easily choose to unfollow your content if their feeds are being bombarded.

Don’t post just because you feel like you have to. Unfortunately, it’s a very fine line between posting the right amount and posting too much. I cannot give you an exact answer on how much you should post for your specific business (but try to post at least a few times a week to keep your business present).

What I can say is, as you get going on your social media journey, see what works. Look at your insights/analytics to see when your followers are online, at what times your posts are getting the most likes, etc. and from here you can determine how much your followers want to see.

Social Media Must: Quality Content 

Not all social media posts are created equal. Not only can posting too often hurt your brand, but posting content that is dull can also be bad.

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When deciding to post, remember to think about your audience first:

  • Is this post relevant to my industry?
  • Does this post have an eye catching visual?
  • Does it help/inform my followers
  • If I saw this posted by someone else, would I like it?

Whether you write/capture/make the content yourself or you share something from another outlet, make sure that the post is purposeful and done well. The best way to keep and build followers is to provide content that they cannot get anywhere else. You become a trusted voice in the industry and people will continue to visit your page/profile.

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