Revel POS Review

Revel POS Review

Revel is an Apple iPad POS system that was founded in 2010 by CEO Lisa Falzone and CTO Chris Ciabarra. It began beta testing in the fall of 2011 and by October of 2012, Revel announced that it had already reached profitability. In January of 2012, Revel was given the award for the Best iPad Business App of the Year at the Macworld/iWorld event.

The company has built a brand as a very reliable and competitive POS system and has built relationships with major corporations such as Belkin, Goodwill, Smoothie King, and Cinnabon. Revel has incorporated features, services and integrations that make it one of the top POS systems today.

Type of Business

Revel software integrates best with restaurant and quick service businesses but it is not limited strictly to these platforms. The software can manage multiple locations and up to 500,000 SKU’s and so it is ideal for large businesses and corporations. Mid-market businesses can find success with Revel as well, but the features and customizations may be overload for small and family owned businesses.


Revel is a fully integrated and fully functional POS. Dropdown menus can be created with all of your items listed for the employee to select, or if you prefer, barcode numbers can be entered into the system for items to be scanned. Numerical entities such as tax rates, discounts, service fees, etc. can be preset and added automatically to any purchases made. All payment types are accepted including cash, credit/debit card, gift certificate, check, customer rewards, etc. Owners can set up manager passwords for certain features such as discounting an order, voiding an order, opening the cash drawer, etc.

Revel also offers fantastic management tools such as Real-Time Inventory, QuickBooks Integration, Till Management, Customer Management, and Employee Management. The features are almost endless and you can read more in-depth about them on their website where the features are listed according to your type of business.

Quick Service Features

Restaurant and Bar Features

Retail Features

Payment Processing

When it comes to credit card processing Payment Depot is compatible with Revel through the USAePay gateway.  We offer interchange +0% processing with transaction fees as low as $0.05/transaction.  Call us at 877-876-8776 to find the best membership for your business.


Revel works with an open API and is compatible with a plethora of third party integrations. It makes the interface so easy to work with because so many of the integrations are systems that you have already used countless times, making it seemingly effortless. All of the third party integrations are listed under the partners tab on their website but I have listed some of the key players below.

  • Mobile Payment Processors
    • LevelUp
    • Apple Pay
    • PayPal
  • Accounting
    • QuickBooks Online
    • Xero
  • eCommerce/Online/Mobile Ordering
    • Shopify
    • Magento
    • Kosmos Central
    • Open Dining
    • Bar Pass
    • Zuppler
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Pepper
  • Synergy World, Inc.
  • LoyalTree

Customer Service

Revel offers a number of different technical support options. As a company they have some sort of service outlet available 24/7 to all of its customers. By phone the Revel sales team, technical support team, and billing staff are available through their main line at (415) 744-1433. Any customer can email the support staff directly at [email protected], or they can submit a request with the customer support forum. Revel also offers remote support where a technician can access your POS remotely and diagnose and fix the problem for you. Other outlets for support include customer forums where common issues are discussed, and the companies “Revel University” which is their website for training and videos. You can contact Revel and set up an appointment for onsite technical support, however, additional fees may be required.


Depending on your industry, (retail, restaurant and bar, or quick service) Revel offers software packages for a monthly subscription. The license for the software is actually built into to the subscription so you can pay it off over time. Each subscription includes 24/7 technical support, unlimited data storage and security, unlimited software updates, and Quickbooks integration.

Because the pricing platform is based on monthly subscriptions, Revel does not require a contract and does not charge a cancellation fee. You will simply need to give a 30-day notice if you would like to deactivate your account. No strings its that simple

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