Payment Depot vs Stax by FattMerchant: A Comprehensive Comparison of Tailored Interchange+ and Membership-Based Pricing Models

Payment Depot vs Stax by FattMerchant: A Comprehensive Comparison of Tailored Interchange+ and Membership-Based Pricing Models

Selecting the right payment processing provider for your business can be challenging, especially when faced with seemingly similar options. Payment Depot and Stax by FattMerchant, despite both offering credit card processing solutions, differ in their pricing models, with Payment Depot adopting a tailored interchange+ model and Stax by FattMerchant utilizing a membership-based approach. Payment Depot was acquired by Stax Payments in 2021, however, there are distinct differences and one may appeal more to businesses than others depending on business needs.


The blog post compares Payment Depot and Stax by FattMerchant, two payment processing solutions with distinct pricing models. Payment Depot utilizes a tailored interchange+ pricing model, offering mid-sized businesses options for saving money through features like a complimentary payment gateway, chargeback and risk monitoring, and next-day funding. The platform provides a range of membership plans, each with added benefits such as in-house, U.S.-based customer support and various free hardware components. On the other hand, Stax by FattMerchant operates on a membership-based model, featuring no cancellation fees, statement fees, or batch fees. The post delves into features, customer support, reviews, reputation, and hardware offerings of both platforms, ultimately highlighting Payment Depot as a compelling choice with its longer track record, diverse membership options, and positive reviews. 

In this comparison, we will delve into the nuances of Payment Depot and Stax Payments, focusing on key factors such as:

Features and Capabilities

Payment Depot Features 

As an industry pioneer, Payment Depot offers a variety of options designed to help mid-sized business owners save money through its tailored interchange+ pricing model. Members receive a complimentary payment gateway, chargeback and risk monitoring, rate protection, and next-day funding. Each membership plan includes a PCI certificate for enhanced member protection, with no cancellation fees.

For larger plans, Payment Depot extends additional features like in-house, U.S.-based customer support, a standard terminal, a mobile reader, a pinpad, and more.

Stax by FattMerchant Features

Stax by FattMerchant’s features align closely with a membership-based model, including no cancellation fees, statement fees, batch fees, and 0% markups. The “Omni-platform” facilitates seamless transactional data tracking, integration with Quickbooks, next-day funding, and robust PCI compliance support.

Credit Card Processing Services

It is important to note that if you are considered a high-risk merchant, or you offer products from a high-risk category, neither Payment Depot nor Stax are the right option for you, as they will both decline your business. 

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Payment Depot Credit Card Processing Fees

Payment Depot streamlines your credit card transactions by equipping your small business with the latest payment technologies and terminals. Plus, with Payment Depot, you won’t encounter hidden fees thanks to our transparent pricing model, ensuring you always know what you’re being charged.

The interchange+ pricing model offers significant benefits for businesses seeking transparency and cost efficiency in their payment processing. Unlike flat-rate, memebersip, or tiered pricing structures, interchange plus breaks down the costs into two components: the interchange fee set by card networks and a fixed markup charged by the payment processor. This transparency ensures that businesses have a clear understanding of the actual interchange costs, allowing them to see the true expenses associated with each transaction. Additionally, as interchange fees can vary based on card type and transaction details, the interchange+ model provides flexibility and fairness by passing these costs directly to the business. This transparency and flexibility empower small businesses to optimize their payment processing costs, make informed decisions, and potentially save money in the long run, making the interchange+ pricing model a preferred choice for many businesses.

Stax Credit Card Processing Fees

Stax’s membership-based pricing structure presents notable advantages for businesses seeking simplicity and predictability in their payment processing costs. With a flat monthly fee and a straightforward membership model, businesses can easily forecast and budget their expenses without the uncertainty traditionally associated with fluctuating transaction fees. Stax eliminates additional charges like cancellation fees, statement fees, and batch fees, providing a transparent and inclusive pricing approach. This simplicity not only streamlines financial planning but also fosters a sense of confidence and control for businesses, enabling them to focus on their operations rather than navigating complex fee structures. Furthermore, the 0% markup on transactions ensures that businesses are not subject to unpredictable percentage-based fees, contributing to overall cost savings.

Stax’s membership-based pricing model, marked by its transparency and cost-effectiveness, appeals to businesses seeking straightforward and reliable payment processing solutions, especially top those who process high-volumes of payments.

Customer Support

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Payment Depot Customer Support 

Payment Depot distinguishes itself with award-winning in-house, U.S.-based customer support, avoiding outsourcing and ensuring a knowledgeable representative every time.

Stax by FattMerchant Customer Support 

Stax by FattMerchant provides a user-friendly website with a search bar for self-help, along with in-house, U.S.-based call-in technical support and an option to submit customer service requests online.

Reviews and Reputation

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Payment Depot Reviews 

Payment Depot stands out for its transparency and no-hassle approach. While not accepting high-risk merchants, the company has garnered positive reviews from both merchants and industry websites.

Stax by FattMerchant Reviews 

Stax by FattMerchant boasts satisfied customers for their industry- interrupting membership-based model. But the monthly subscription fees are not the right fit for every business.


Merchant Taking Sale With Chip And Swipe

It should be noted that each merchant services provider offers all the features that you would expect from a credit card processor. With both Payment Depot and Stax, a business can process payments with a mobile reader, virtual terminal for online transactions and mobile payments, NFC transaction processing, recurring billing, and card not present transactions. And each merchant services provider accepts customer credit cards from all of the major credit card companies.

Payment Depot Hardware 

Payment Depot offers a diverse range of credit card processing solutions, including various physical terminals, mobile reader options, Clover POS stations, virtual terminals, and seamless integration with online shopping carts.

Stax by FattMerchant Hardware 

Stax by FattMerchant provides different terminal options, including Dejavoo terminals, Swipe Simple readers, and Clover devices – all equipped with EMV chip and card swipe readers, and compatibility with Apple Pay and Android Pay. They also have the Stax Mobile App for business owners.

Choosing a Payment Processing Vendor for Credit Card Transactions

In conclusion, while Stax by FattMerchant and Payment Depot share some similarities, Payment Depot stands out with its tailored interchange+ pricing model. With a longer track record, a broader range of payment options for new businesses, and positive reviews, Payment Depot emerges as a compelling choice. Contact Payment Depot’s in-house, U.S.-based customer support team to explore how the platform can optimize your business’s credit card processing.

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