Payment Depot Reviews: What Merchants and Experts are Saying

Payment Depot Reviews: What Merchants and Experts are Saying

If you’ve landed on this post chances are that you’re considering Payment Depot for your credit card processing needs and are looking for social proof and commentary on our services.

We hear you. Which is why in this post, we’ve compiled a handful of notable Payment Depot reviews from industry websites as well as merchants like yourself.

Check them out below to learn what others are saying about Payment Depot.

What experts and industry publications are saying about Payment Depot

Let’s start off by looking at what industry pundits are saying. Here’s a handful of Payment Depot reviews from merchant-centric websites:

Merchant Maverick: “We’re sufficiently impressed with Payment Depot to award them a perfect 5 out of 5 stars.”

Reviews Merchantmaverick

Payment Depot is one of Merchant’s Maverick’s most highly recommended payment processors, and for good reason: our transparent pricing and fantastic customer service are hard to beat.

Merchant Maverick has awarded Payment Depot an “Excellent” rating in all categories, including Products & Services, Fees & Rates, Contract Length & Early Termination, Sales & Advertising Transparency, Customer Service, and User Reviews.

In terms of pros and cons, the website states that the only downsides about Payment Depot are the fact that we only cater to US merchants and we’re not suitable for high-risk merchants.

Want to read the rest? Check out Merchant Maverick’s review of Payment Depot.

Fundera: “It’s uncommon to find a payment processor as transparent and affordable as Payment Depot…”

Reviews Fundera

In June 2019, Fundera, site that offers financial resources for small businesses, wrote an unbiased review in which it tackled Payment Depot’s capabilities, integrations, features, pricing, and more.

Fundera outlined some of the advantages of Payment Depot, which include favorable pricing and free credit card terminals. As for cons? According to the site, “it’s hard to find things to complain about with Payment Depot,” save for the POS system pricing. “Really, it’s uncommon to find a payment processor as transparent and affordable as Payment Depot,” Fundera states.

Read the full review. 

PCMag: “Payment Depot impresses with a wholesale-style pricing structure…”

Pcmag also took the time to write a Payment Depot review, in which it walked readers through our start-up costs and set process, as well as Payment Depot’s compatibility, integrations, and payment options.

All in all, PCMag wrote an unbiased piece that called out Payment Depot’s easy to understand fees and money-back guarantee.

The only downside? According to the site, the solution may not be the right fit for startups and smaller businesses.

Read the full review. “A Competitive Option for Most Standard-Risk Merchants”

Reviews Cardpaymentoptions gives PaymentDepot a Merchant Account Trust Score of “A”. In addition to discussing our rates and features, the website also looks at Payment Depot’s location and ownership, online reputation, marketing and advertising claims, and more.’s review is a great read if you want to learn more about Payment Depot as a company, and if you’re curious about what other merchants are saying about our services.

Read the full review. “…it truly is one of the most transparent payment processors.”

Reviews Ecommerceplatforms

Another recent review comes from, which offers a detailed look at Payment Depot’s offerings. The review kicked off by discussing our pricing and fees and whether or not there are hidden charges (spoiler alert: there are NONE.)

Ecommerce-Platforms then went on to talk about Payment Depot’s best features, and it commended our ease of use and transparency. The site also evaluated our customer support and concluded that Payment Depot is a good option for a wide variety of merchants.

Check out the full review. “…low rates, single membership fee and quick setup make it an excellent processing option for small businesses.”

Reviews Business also took a look at Payment Depot, and they weren’t disappointed. The website talks about how easy it is to get set up, and then walks readers through the steps and requirements of obtaining and account.

The review also talks about Payment Depot’s innovative pricing structure, which charges merchants a flat membership fee instead of taking a cut of out their sales.

Here’s a snippet from the article:

Payment Depot doesn’t charge many of the other credit card processing fees common in the industry. The only fee it charges is a membership fee, which can be paid monthly or yearly. The yearly cost works out to be significantly lower than paying the membership fee on a monthly basis. There are no separate PCI-compliance or PCI-non-compliance fees and there is no monthly minimum. PCI-compliance fees and statement costs are included as part of the membership fees.

Check out the full review.

Payment Depot reviews from other merchants

Expert commentaries are useful, but to get the full picture, you also need to hear from other business owners.

Trustpilot review: Switching from Wells Fargo Merchant

Reviews TrustpilotA recent reviewer on Trustpilot shares their experience of switching from Wells Fargo Merchant to Payment Depot and says that the change enabled them to save a few hundred dollars a month on $30,000 transactions per month.

Our favorite part of the review: “I like Payment Depot’s business model, transparency, and the fact that you don’t have to worry about them sneaking up the percentages on you (which is why we switched away from Wells Fargo).”

Check out the full review.

Capterra review: Came for the low cost, and stayed because of superb customer service

Reviews Capterra

A merchant on Captera gave Payment Depot a 5-star rating, stating that they not only were our fees lower, but customer service has been outstanding.

According to the merchant:

The cost savings initially attracted me to Payment Depot, however, they have been so easy to work with and had superb customer service. They have even helped guide me in switching over to a new POS system. I couldn’t recommend them more!

Check out the full review.

Yelp review: “They have kept more money in my pocket.”

Reviews Yelp

In May 2019, a merchant left a glowing Yelp review for Payment Depot. He had been using our solution for 3 months at that point, and he praised Payment Depot’s rates and business practices. He was originally paying 3.55 to 4% with his previous provider, but thanks to Payment Depot, he was able to lower his rates to 1.9% to 2.2%, including all fees.

Read his full review.

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