Payment Depot Review by Merchant Maverick 4.5 stars!

Payment Depot Review by Merchant Maverick 4.5 stars!

Thanks to Merchant Maverick for a great review of Payment Depot!  We have to say it was a nice surprise to see their review, since they didn’t contact us or let us know it was coming.

We really appreciate the kind words by this industry review site, which unlike many others, doesn’t ask for a fee before posting a review.  These guys see literally every credit card processor out there, so you their review is pretty much as good as it gets. After taking a careful look at our fees and plans, Tom at Merchant Maverick said that:

“for many merchants, Payment Depot provides exceptional value and 100% predictable costs, with no hidden or unexpected charges whatsoever. This predictability is my favorite feature of this service.”  Wow thanks Tom!  We love being predictable, in this case 🙂

The best thing for us is that Merchant Maverick understands that what we are doing is completely different than the rest of the industry.  We love that he comes right out and says it up front in the review:

“Payment Depot has a pricing structure that is – well – different. Instead of paying a percentage markup like you would with an interchange-plus plan, Payment Depot charges a flat monthly membership fee and a per transaction fee. That’s right – you pay 0.00% over interchange in terms of percentage markup! “

More and more people are beginning to understand that they don’t need to pay a percentage to the processor, while the interchange rate to Visa/MC can’t be avoided.  So why would anyone ever pay an extra percentage?!  Beats me!

Many people rely on Merchant Maverick for their expert information and reviews, so we are so happy to see them conclude with a huge recommendation:

“Based on my research I’m glad to recommend that you check out Payment Depot. They have fair prices and fairly thorough fee disclosures.. Payment Depot is one of the more trustworthy providers I’ve encountered in this regard, since they don’t seem to rely on outside agents. They have very consistent contract terms overall… I think what Payment Depot has done here is a good thing for the industry. The idea that you can pay a flat fee for access to credit card processing makes a lot of sense, and it’s a fresh pricing model that I’m sure many merchant will enjoy. The fact that there is no transaction volume limit makes these plans quite valuable for high-volume merchants.”

Thanks so much MM for the great Payment Depot Review!

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