This Payment Depot Member’s Response Was Awesome!

This Payment Depot Member’s Response Was Awesome!

In the credit card processing industry, everyone promises to save you money, but very few companies take the time to really serve their customers.  At Payment Depot, we already know that we have the lowest prices in the industry, but we are even more interested in providing the best possible service to all of our members.

We were so happy to receive this email from Maryanne at The Cozy Inn thanking our team member Scott for his exceptional service:

To any and all Managers who can have a positive impact on Scott’s future….please read this!

We own a very small family owned and run Inn in St. Augustine, Florida.   Scott has been working with me for two weeks (I am a bit technology challenged J ) in installing a pin pad and making sure that I have all the help and support I and my Manager need to make sure business runs “as usual”  (critical) during the change.  He has been THE MOST patient and understanding person as he walked us through the installation and programming.  Scott did everything he promised along the way  and was always available for follow up questions and feedback.  You might say this is his responsibility – but rarely does anyone come through the way Scott has.  He is dependable, patient, kind and understanding.  These are traits that rarely occur in one individual!   In a day and time when it is rare that we can actually understand our support people who are in foreign countries – I value the fact that Payment Depot has such an outstanding person representing them! 

Thank you Payment Depot Managers – you are so very fortunate to have Scott on your team!  Please remind Scott of what a difference he made for us at The Cozy Inn!


Maryanne and Neil

Owners, The Cozy Inn

 Maryanne, We agree with you 100%!  We are so fortunate to have Scott on our team.  Thank you for taking time out of your day to let us know .

Thanks for writing in!

Payment Depot

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