Optimize Your Store for Smart Phone Shoppers!

Optimize Your Store for Smart Phone Shoppers!

It’s not just your website that should be optimized for smart phones; these days, you can even optimize your physical store as well! Learn how to transform your store into a mobile-ready, interactive experience for your customers.

Mobile browsing has increased with the advances in technology like smart phones and tablet PCs as well as the greater accessibility and affordability of these items. The numbers show that mobile browsing has moved ahead of browsing the Web via desktops. With almost 90% of adults on Earth owning a mobile phone and 50 percent of mobile users utilizing their mobile phones as their primary source for Internet browsing, mobile browsing is an open opportunity for website owners, especially those with e-commerce components such as an online storefront. Additionally, average tablet device users shop and make purchases online via their mobile devices at least once per week. Mobile browsing now accounts for approximately 15 percent of all Internet traffic. Given these statistics, your website needs to be optimized for mobile Internet traffic. Most mobile device users spend approximately 11 percent of their time browsing the Web via their mobile devices or tablet PCs.

Your physical store can also incorporate augmented reality (AR) in order to make the shopping experience more interactive. Customers can browse your brick-and-mortar store’s inventory while having a totally mobile interaction through AR via their tablets and phones. For instance, you can create apps that let customers see more about individual products in your store just by taking a photo of them.

A mobile friendly website, meanwhile, will provide more than a means for reaching smart phone shoppers and other mobile browsers. It can serve as an interactive means for attracting and engaging potential customers and loyal shoppers for your site and also enable an enhanced in-store experience through intelligent use of AR technology.

Your mobile friendly website and storefront need to provide you with the ability to attract, engage and interact with your target audience who use mobile devices like smart phones to access the Internet for social media. After all, according to Digital Buzz, 91 percent of mobile browsers utilize their mobile devices for social activities. When you include social media integration with Facebook and Twitter, you will be able to socially engage mobile Web browsers in order to inform these potential customers about upcoming specials available at the store and other exclusive offers. In a way, their phones can serve as a marketing tool to entice them into your physical store.

Getting smart phone browsers to become in-store shoppers requires you to optimize your website and your physical shop for mobile viewing. It’s the wave of the future!

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