Merchant Services for Daycares

Merchant Services for Daycares

Running a daycare, pre-school, or other childcare center is full of challenges, and most of them have absolutely nothing to do with money. Of course, taking care of numerous children means that you really don’t have much time to deal with all the little financial details. Unfortunately, if you don’t get in control of the money, you could quickly find your daycare’s doors closing for good.

One of the most important parts of your business is getting payments from parents. With so many kids to keep track of, it can be next to impossible to remember who owes money from month to month or week to week. Even if you can get a check on time from everyone, it seems as if someone always has an issue when you go to cash them. And if you are lucky enough to have a month with no problems, you’ll just have to start all over again the next month.

The solution to this problem is one that many other daycare centers and gyms have discovered: start taking credit cards. While it used to be that credit cards were only cost effective for large businesses and those that processed dozens of transactions a day, new technology has brought the cost down considerably.

Instead of relying on parents to remember to pay you each month or every week, simply keep their credit card number on file when they first enroll their child at your school. Then charge the cards on a pre-set schedule. The parents will have the convenience of never forgetting to get cash or bring their checkbook, and you’ll have the security of knowing that you’ll always be paid on time each month. Furthermore, parents will never have to worry about late fees or other problems with their payments.

Credit card transactions aren’t dependent on how much money a parent has in their bank account, so charging cards means that you’ll always get paid. You won’t have to worry about returned checks or making bank deposits, either. Once the cards are processed, funds can be transferred to your business account within a day. You’ll have a steady source of constant income that your daycare center can rely on.

As an added bonus, parents will never again have to worry about remembering to bring extra money for items such as t-shirts, art supplies, or field trips. As these additional expenses come up, simply give parents the option of having them charged to their credit cards automatically if they so desire. Credit card readers can be easily installed near computers or on cell phones to process payments during school fundraisers such as carnivals and bake sales. You’ll never have to make a bank deposit or chase after non-paying parents again! Contact Payment Depot today for a free 90 day trial of our ultra-cheap credit card processing services.

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