Merchant Services for Corner Stores

Merchant Services for Corner Stores

With a sluggish economy leaving less disposable spending cash in the pockets of consumers, many small businesses have suffered in recent years. Corner stores in urban areas have been hit particularly hard, as their target customer is one most likely to be affected by the economy. Most of these stores cut costs and save money on expenses by reducing overhead. Going with a low-cost merchant account is one of the best ways to save funds in a tough economy.

The Challenge of Small Merchants

With increasing numbers of people using plastic for their purchases, merchants scramble to set up their businesses to accept credit and debit cards. The problem is that this increase in card usage has struck at the same time that merchants have seen a drop in sales due to the sluggish economy. As a solution, many merchants impose surcharges on customers who use plastic or set minimum purchase requirements. This has been known to anger customers who resent being “dinged” for paying with plastic.

The Solution for Merchants

Many small business owners have found that switching to more affordable merchant processing companies can greatly reduce their expenses and eliminate the need to charge surcharges or impose minimum purchase amounts. Payment Depot offers affordable plans that allow store owners to price their products competitively. When it comes to making the highest possible profits, merchants need to count every penny. This is why Payment Depot’s plans are tailored with corner store merchants in mind.

What Payment Depot Can Do for Your Business

We offer several payment processing plans that can work for businesses both small and large. With no required contracts and several plans available to meet your particular financial needs, Payment Depot offers the best solution to help you save on merchant costs. Whether you are a new business or have been processing credit cards for years, we can help you save on the costs of accepting all those credit cards.

With low flat rates for monthly processing, you never have to worry about paying hefty markups for credit card fees. Easily upgrade your plans depending on the changing needs of your business. Startups will love the low pricing of the basic plan, while enjoying the ability to upgrade at any time. The most popular subscription plan allows you to conduct unlimited transactions with a low transaction fee of just $.15 for VISA, MasterCard and Discover.

We never charge a processor markup, cancellation fees or monthly minimums. Our transparent system lists all of our fees upfront, so you never have to worry about surprises later on. Our 24/7 customer support allows you to get the answers you need quickly.

When it comes to running your business, even small fees can add up quickly. With a low cost merchant account, you can keep more profits and customer loyalty. No longer do you have to lose out on credit and debit card sales. Imposing minimum purchase amounts on your customers can alienate them. With Payment Depot’s easy-to-set-up merchant accounts, you can easily accept credit cards for your corner store.

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