We Love Hearing From Our Members!

We Love Hearing From Our Members!

At Payment Depot, we love hearing from our members, and we’re proud of our staff that takes care of things behind the scenes.  Here’s a great email from one of our members, a satisfied small business owner who was having some technical issues with her merchant account.

From: Tricia
Sent: Wednesday, August 03, 2016 3:51 AM
To: ‘Sheree Gutierrez’
Subject: RE: Gateway and Email

Hi Sheree,

You guys are all amazing. Every time I have called every person has been extremely helpful and  gone above and beyond in trying to help.

It is so refreshing that there is still a company that is so invested in truly wanting their customer’s experience to be  wonderful instead of a chore.

Thank you again for all your help and the amazing follow up.

Have a wonderful week!

Great job Sheree! We do our best to take care of all our members, who are busy running their businesses! They work hard on their businesses, so we work hard for them too!

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