Payment Depot – The New Way To Process Credit Cards

Payment Depot – The New Way To Process Credit Cards

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Credit card processing companies are making huge profits off of small businesses.

Payment Depot is different. Just ask Merchant Maverick! We’ve created a Prezi to help illustrate what we do and how our industry works and how we are different. Other credit card processing companies are making a killing off of small businesses by charging an added percentage to the direct Visa and Mastercard Interchange Rates, and we’re putting an end to that!

If you’re tired of paying a marked up rate to credit card processing companies, switch to Payment Depot and pay us only 25¢ per swipe to get the direct Visa/Mastercard rate, otherwise known as “Interchange.” You will save hundreds of dollars a month and you don’t have to wonder if you could be paying a lower credit card processing rate, because we don’t charge a rate at all! We offer direct interchange pass through rates from Visa and Mastercard, plus 0%, so you know you can’t pay less!

We’re revealing the secrets of credit card processing companies that they don’t want you to know. You can pay less, save more of your own money, and get great service from Payment Depot. We’re the New Way to take credit cards. So get rid of that expensive marked up merchant account and switch to Payment Depot today!

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