Is Clover Station Right for Your Business?

Is Clover Station Right for Your Business?

It’s been a long time coming, but the Clover POS is now available to merchants. The Clover Station is a beautifully designed, full-featured point of sale system perfect for the modern business.

Are you thinking of upgrading from a terminal to a POS? This article is for you, we’ll explore how the Clover Station can benefit your business.

User Friendly


The Clover Station has been designed with you in mind. The engineers in charge of creating the user interface on the machine sought to make it intuitive and simple, so merchants and their staff didn’t have to be slowed down learning how to use the machine. Since many Americans are very familiar with smart phones and tablets, Clover engineers made the POS operate intuitively like these familiar devices. Whether you’re inputting an order or pulling a report, the Clover Station is very easy to use.

Increase Productivity

When deciding to upgrade from a credit card terminal to a full featured POS, many people wait too long because they don’t think their business needs all of the features of a POS, like the Clover Station, but those same people often don’t realize how much productivity increases with a POS. Business management, inventory, and reporting are just some of the key features of the Clover Station that will cut down on paperwork for merchants and save them time. Usually, it makes the most sense to invest in a POS system before growth so that your business will be ready on all fronts to accommodate new business and a POS, like the Clover Station, pays for itself in the time it saves users.

App Market Business Management Tools


When you invest in the Clover Station for your business you also get access to the Clover App Market, which features over 100  apps designed for specific business functions. Whether it’s an app to help manage employee schedules or an app to help you retain customers, merchants are able to pick and choose which apps they want to download onto their Clover Station. The apps on the app market are specifically designed for the suite of Clover products, so whatever you download you know it’s going to work perfectly on your machine.

Clover Grows With Your Business

The Clover Station POS is not the only hardware available from Clover, the brand also features smaller devices, the Clover Mini and Clover Mobile, which can be used to expand and accompany the Clover Station.


The Clover Mini is a “classic” credit card terminal that can be used in conjunction with the Clover Station as a payment terminal facing the customer so you would not have to swivel the Clover Station tablet toward the customer. It could also be used as another payment terminal altogether so that you could have another checkout line.


Clover Mobile can be used in conjunction with the Clover Station as a mobile payment terminal. For example, it could be used in a restaurant to take orders/pay at a table or it could be used by mobile service professionals in the field. Whatever you need to use these additional devices for, they can connect to you central Clover Station POS to make sure all of your business data is aggregated in one place.


At Payment Depot we do all we can for our members and that includes getting them wholesale prices on all of their equipment. To get started with the Clover Station POS, our wholesale price for our members is $999 which includes the tablet, cash drawer, and receipt printer. There are no other monthly fees Payment Depot charges members to operate the Clover Station and the member then owns the equipment outright.

Is the Clover Station Right for Your Business?

Yes! The Clover Station‘s user-friendly interface makes it easy to transition this equipment into your business and start saving time with its reporting tools. When you think about the ways it will save your time as well as you staffs’ time, the machine basically pays for itself. Whether you’re a new business or have been operating for yours, the Clover Station allows users to expand their potential.

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