Don’t Settle For Cancellation Fees

One of our first decisions when we started Payment Depot was to have no cancellation fee.  We even took it a step further by offering a 90 day money back guarantee on your membership fee if you aren’t happy with us for any reason.  In the credit card processing industry, a 3 year contract with a cancellation fee is the norm, why would we make such a bold decision?  Most credit card processors lock you into a 3 year term because they are adding extra fees and have deceptive pricing structures.  This is why the mere mention of credit card processing will make most business owners cringe.  We want to change the way merchants think about this industry.  We think it should be OUR responsibility to keep our members and not force them to have to stay with us.  Having no cancellation fee means that we have to provide you with the lowest cost AND the best possible service.

Month after month the onus is on us to make sure that our members are happy.  You should never be held hostage by your processor because of an early termination fee.  All of our members get Interchange + 0% pricing and we strive to WOW our members with service.  If you are unhappy for any reason we will close out your account and even refund your membership fee if it is in the first 90 days of service.  Give us a call today and talk to one of our experts to see which plan would be best for your business.  We want this to be the last merchant account that you will ever have to shop for.