Credit Card Processing for Tradespeople

Credit Card Processing for Tradespeople

Working in the trades can be hard work, but also very profitable – providing you can process your customers’ payments promptly and reliably. If you’ve finished a big plumbing job, a fine day of construction work, or some other essential labor for a customer, nothing puts a damper on the day’s end quite like not being able to collect what you’re owed because you can’t take credit cards. It can be time-consuming to figure out cash alternatives, not to mention raising the risk of fraud as well. As a tradesperson, that’s the last sort of headache you want to deal with.

But you do have options. One of those options includes us. We are Payment Depot. Credit card processing is a valuable thing to have for any business, but some big banks and processing companies take advantage of that in a big way. They overcharge you, make money off of the high rates, and strike you with hidden fees. It’s no wonder many independent tradespeople don’t want to deal with all the hassle – which is why you need us. Here at Payment Depot, we won’t ever take advantage of your hospitality and loyalty; we won’t charge you any hidden fees, we’ll offer you bargain priced processing rates, and we’ll even reprogram your existing processing hardware if you switch to us.

We’re so confident you’ll like us that we’ll let you try out Payment Depot free for a whole month. Those others companies won’t do that! If you are not satisfied with the results, cancel at any time. Don’t worry, we don’t charge for that either.

Let’s look at some plans:

Basic: $20 per month or $200 a year. Only .25 per transaction plus True Cost.
Most popular: $40 a month or $400 per year. Only .15 per transaction plus True Cost.
Best of Value: $60 per month or $600 per year. Only .10 per transaction plus True Cost.

We don’t lock you into a contract. We don’t surprise you with unexpected charges. We give you the breathing room to make your own choices and choose your own plan, which you can change whenever you want. The application takes just ten minutes, and the approval time takes about 24 hours to process. Make the wise decision for your business and switch to Payment Depot today.

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