Best Credit Card Processing for Auto Repair

Best Credit Card Processing for Auto Repair

If you run an auto repair business, we’re willing to bet that payment processing fees are a significant expense in your company. 

Auto expenses tend to run quite high (they average about $652 per year), which means that if your payment processor takes a cut out of your sales, the fees that you’re paying on those transactions run pretty high as well. 

For this reason, it’s important to align yourself with a merchant services provider that lets you accept credit card payments without cutting too much into your profits. 

This is where membership-based payment processors (like Payment Depot) come in. Unlike traditional providers, which make money by adding a markup to interchange fees (i.e., the costs set by card networks like Visa and Mastercard), membership-based processors give merchants access to wholesale rates. 

As we previously explained: 

A membership subscription model requires a flat regular fee (typically monthly or annually) for an unlimited number of transactions. This is an attractive option because payment processing fees are predictable and unchanging, and the merchant services provider won’t take a cut from your profit.

Why Payment Depot works well for auto repair businesses

Payment Depot provides the best credit card processing for auto repair merchants because we offer wholesale rates. We don’t take a cut out of your sales, which means and you pay a flat fee regardless of the transaction amount. This is great news because auto costs run higher than average. 

Getting wholesale interchange rates saves most merchants $400 or more per month on processing, which they can then reinvest back to the business.

Saving thousands on payment processing costs

One example of a merchant that’s seen tremendous savings is is Brett Woods of, who saved $1,200 when he switched to a better payment processor.

“I always suspected that I was overpaying a bit on credit card processing,” said. So, he connected with Payment Depot, a membership-based payments processor to see if he could lower his costs. 

“It was really neat to see that they [Payment Depot] could compare my old statements, and really show me upfront how much money I was going to save by switching,” Brett added. Being a small business, I try to make every dollar count. And The $1,200 I save with Payment Depot, I can put into marketing and help grow the business and turn that into more profit.

Here’s another example. 

We recently had a merchant from the auto repair industry call us to say how excited he was about his statement. Pictured below, you’ll notice he sold almost $75,000 worth and only paid $1,200 for credit card processing with Payment Depot. He truly is getting the wholesale cost to process!

All in, this merchant is paying just 1.6%! 

(Want to know how much you’re paying, all in? Divide the fees you paid by the amount you made and then move the decimal place two spaces to the right.  1,200 / 74,000= 0.016 = 1.6%)

At Payment Depot, we’re able to provide the lowest wholesale cost to our members which helps them save a lot of money (compared to other credit card processing companies) and also allows them to put those savings right back into growing their businesses. 

Give us a call or email anytime so that we can prepare a personalized statement comparison to show you just how much money you could be saving by paying wholesale.

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