Another “Thank You” Note from a Member

Another “Thank You” Note from a Member

Our sales manager makes a point to personally email each new member after their first month of processing with us just to see how the month went and to see if the member has any questions. When he reached out to this member, she was blown away by her savings with us!

Here’s what she said:

“I forwarded it [savings analysis] to all of my friends who own businesses and told them to call you! Thank you so much for having an amazing business and bringing integrity to your industry! Have a beautiful day!”

She was especially excited because when we had done her savings analysis we estimated we would save her business $500/month on processing costs, but after her first month of processing with us we actually saved her $700! Whenever we do a statement savings analysis we always give a conservative estimate to make sure our members are truly saving.

While we’re always excited for our members who save big it can also be disheartening to realise this merchant was overpaying by about $700 per month for her credit card processing. Unfortunately we see small business owners being overcharged left and right because many processing companies overcharge to make higher profits.

Our goal at Payment Depot is to make sure we’re providing real savings to each member and protect each one from overpaying. That’s why we’re always grateful for advocates, like this member, who see the value we provide and want to share the savings!

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