Ambur POS Review

Ambur POS review

Ambur POS for Ipad

This review will feature a product that is doing amazing things within the restaurant community. Ambur is a restaurant point-of-sale system that was created by restaurant employees specifically for restaurants. The cloud based system was born in Kabab and Curry, a family owned restaurant in Williamsville, NY. In order to simplify the order taking process and alleviate mistakes that constantly arise in the business Ansar Khan, waiter and son of the restaurant owners, and James O’Leary, a fellow waiter, built a custom app that would work on their iPhone. That was in 2009.

Now Ambur is a fully functioning cloud based point-of-sale system that works with iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. As of 2015, the company has over 800 clients in 29 different countries.

Because the system is cloud based once you set up the restaurant on one “hub” device you can then wirelessly sync it to all the rest of your devices being used. The entire system is regularly backed up to a free online storage account with Dropbox, and the backups can be downloaded to any device.

Ambur gives you a fully fledged system that does so much more than just take orders as it offers a wide array of management tools. It allows you to run payroll, create employee schedules, generate sales reports, track inventory, and review customer purchasing patterns as well as seamlessly run all standard cloud based POS features such as ordering table side, wirelessly sending orders to kitchen and bar printers and checking customers our table side. In addition to all of these fantastic and necessary features, Ambur offers extracurricular attributes such as customer reservations, customer purchase history, a customer information database, and loyalty discounts and coupons.


Type of Business

Ambur was specifically designed for use in the restaurant industry, including restaurants, bars, cafes, food trucks, etc. It works best for small, one-location businesses that require 1-10 workstations. Its only limit is that it cannot link multiple locations under the same account.



Here are a few of the basic and important features broken down.

Ambur POS for Ipad

Ambur POS for Ipad


    • Orders – Probably the most important thing in having your restaurant run smoothly is being able to smoothly take orders at the table and accurately get those orders to the kitchen. With Ambur, new orders are extremely easy to create and are detailed to include the name of the user who created the order, the type of order made, the date/time the order was created, the date/time the order was closed, the total price of the order, and the tip amount added. Ambur gives you the ability to merge and split orders as needed.
    • Reports – Reports can be run from any date and time and run based on the previous six or twelve hour intervals. Some of the highly detailed reports include Employee Summary, Totals by Payment Type, Totals by User, Tips, and Item Sales reports. Once these reports are created they can emailed, printed on a receipt printer, and/or sent as an iMessage to text message on an iOS device. CSV reports can be exported into a spreadsheet format and is compatible with Microsoft Excel or Apple Numbers.
    • Audit Logs – These are used to track every action that has happened within your system, giving the user the ability to backtrack and catch even the smallest mistake. Audit Logs are kept for 30 days and can be emailed for further use.
    • Database Backups – Ambur allows you to back up your database every hour to Dropbox. If need be you can also email your data base as long as your email allows attachments of around 10MB.
    • Table Layouts – Table layouts can be customized by dragging and dropping tables that are represented by table and squares. Each table can be given a name or a number and you can designate how many guests would typically fit in that arrangement.
    • Payroll Management – Ambur has the ability to take the information from employee clock-in/clock-out data and calcite payroll for you.


A full list of features can be found at


Payment Processing

Ambur gives you the ability to integrate with most major credit card processing companies. Essentially any processor the offers the BridgePay payment gateway will work. This is a great feature because it allows the user, in this case a restaurant, the flexibility to find the best credit card processing company that has the most compatible merchant services to fit their needs.

At Payment Depot we love referring a company like Ambur because of the amazing POS features that they offer and because of our ability to integrate with them and give your small business card processing the best value on the market. The merchant gets the lowest wholesale credit card processing rate from us and a wonderfully intuitive POS system to run their small business.

Payment Depot is compatible with Ambur through the BridgePay gateway.  We offer interchange +0% processing with transaction fees as low as $0.05/transaction.  Call us at 877-876-8776 to find the best membership for your business.

Customer Service

Ambur was created with the small business one restaurant location in mind and so they have really taken into account the importance of your POS system running smoothly without error, because lets face it, one small mistake can send your restaurant into a tailspin. However, mistakes and issues are going to arise and so Ambur has a support team that is there when anything comes up and needs a fix.

Ambur offers free 24/7 US-based telephone support as well as email support. Customer reviews are very high about how great the technical support is and the knowledge that Ambur has in running your POS system successfully.


The Ambur App can be downloaded and tested for free. However, the company limited the free demo by locking in the tax rate at a random point between 3.26% and 5.26%.

There are three pricing options that include:

    • One Device, $69 per month ($59 per month if billed annually)
    • 2-3 Devices, $119 per month ($99 per month if billed annually)
    • Unlimited Devices, $179 per month ($149 per month if billed annually)


Overall this is fantastic point-of-sales system that would really help your restaurant business grow and make the logistics side worry free.