A “Thank You” Note From One of Our Members

A “Thank You” Note From One of Our Members

We started Payment Depot out of frustration with the credit card processing industry because we saw merchants being deceitfully overcharged. Since day one, our main goal has been to protect our members from being overcharged for credit card processing and we do this by always having transparent pricing, charging only wholesale rates, selling equipment at cost, and eliminating the markup.

So, getting a “Thank You” email from one of our members means the world to us because it’s confirmation that we’re making a difference for the merchants we originally set out to help.

This is what Peggy Gomez of Gomez Art Supply wrote:

“I wanted to write and let you know that I noticed when I was getting my tax information ready for my accountant that my sales were up, not a ton – but up and my merchant processing costs went down over $1500.00 from 2013.

So, I never thought I would write a merchant processing company and thank them, but thank you.”

Business owners are some of the most hard working people we know, that’s why we’re always happy to help them save more of their hard earned money.

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