3 Credit Card Terminal Options for EMV Compliance

3 Credit Card Terminal Options for EMV Compliance

We’ve chosen the most popular  credit card terminals on the market (that you probably already have) and show you how to make them EMV compliant and NFC compatible. If you’re looking to completely upgrade, we’ll also be showing you one of the best credit card terminal options for your business.

US business need to be EMV compliant by October 1, 2015 as part of industry standards to prevent fraud (learn more about EMV). NFC compatibility is not necessary, but as Apple Pay and other contactless payments become more common being able to accept these NFC payments help businesses be accessible to more consumers.

How To Upgrade Your Current Credit Card Terminal

The Verifone VX520 and the First Data FD130 are not only the most popular credit card terminals at Payment Depot, but they are also staples in the credit card processing industry. Both of these credit card terminals are able to have a small piece of equipment added to them in order to upgrade them to make them EMV and NFC compatible.

Merchants who already own one of these credit card terminals are able to update their businesses without having to spend too much money. This way, businesses can use the equipment they already have and get up to date on the latest industry standards.


Verifone VX520 + VX805
The terminal on its own (VX520) is able to accept EMV chip cards, but adding the attachment (VX805) allows merchants to accept NFC payments. At Payment Depot we can get your business set up with this combination or reprogram your equipment if you’re coming from a different processing company.

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FD 130 + FD35
The FD130 credit card terminal has many features that make small business owners lives easier, so adding the attachment, the FD35, makes this capable terminal even more powerful. At Payment Depot, we love this versatile terminal because it’s built to last and can be upgraded.

How To Upgrade to a Completely New Credit Card Terminal

If you’re looking for a brand new credit card terminal designed with the modern business in mind, the Clover Mini is a great option. Not only does it come ready to accept EMV and NFC payments, this credit card terminal offers powerful business management tools and apps.

It’s one of the most advanced credit card terminals on the market today because of all of its integrated features.

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